Possible side effects of negative ions

The effect of negative ions that prevents blood clot in blood vessels and makes blood flow better even in capillary vessels is positive to blood circulation, but a possible negative effect may exist for the people who has bleeding or after surgery: causing more bleeding. Also there has not been any research done about the effect on unborn babies. However, our negative ion generators are designed to generate the amount close what can be found in nature, so we think there would be no such side effect in the cases described above.

  • The result of being exposed to negative ions is different from person to person, and as for myself, I had nosebleeds when exposed to excessive amount of negative ions for a long time. This happened when used several very powerful ionizers in every single room in the house and sat and slept next to them 24/7, not personal ionizers.
  • Usually it is considered the more negative ions an ionizer generates, the better, but it seems not to be true. In general, very powerful ionizers cause positive ion charge in whole room, which results in a smaller effective area of negative ions. Also a lot of dust is collected around ionizers.
  • Most of ionizers that don't use carbon fiber as the emitter produces a severe amount of ozone and nitrogen oxides, and damage the lung.
  • Many ionizers don't generate negative ions as they are supposed to, but only ozone, and people keep using them thinking they produce negative ions. So an occasional test, whether they are working or not, is required. If you can smell an odor that is like bleach or fresh air from your ionizer, it could be ozone or nitrogen oxides.
  • The amount of ions decreases inversely to the square of the distance from the emitting point. For example, if the distance is doubled, the amount reduces to quarter. As the distance increases, the amount decreases significantly and may fail to show the expected effect.
  • Around an ionizer the negative ions behave like static, and the person nearby should be aware of electrical shocks when touching anything metal. Especially, sensitive electronics need special protection(grounding). In winter or dry climate, extra caution is required. However, our ionizers make most of the ions flow within the body so the chance of having static is very low.
  • When you use negative ionizers, often you may not feel tiredness, and as the result you may use computers or watch the TV day and night not realizing you are actually tired, which becomes a harmful habit that will eventually ruin your health. So do such thing with self-control and don't overdo. The use of ionizers combined with appropriate amount of exercise is the most recommended way.
  • Mostly people with blood circulation problems would experience the benefits from using this device, and healthy people may not feel anything whether use it or not. This device is recommended to chronic disease patients.
  • Some people are sensitive to the effects of negative ions and some are not, but it's important to remember that the effects of negative ions are certain independent of the subjective feeling.
  • Many more studies need to be done and I hope they will be done in the future.

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